snake bloomstrand

Snake Bloomstrand

Coach & Mentor

When searching for a reliable guide, always look for well-worn boots.

The level of stress, pressure and uncertainty we all face today has reached epic proportions. Our world is changing at a pace difficult to comprehend.

Building a rewarding life can be challenging, especially when familiar strategies no longer seem to produce results. 


The desire to seek the counsel of an experienced guide is not uncommon.  Many of us walk through life feeling isolated or alone with our thoughts and emotions.  Speaking honestly of our fears, hopes, and personal challenges is hardly welcome water cooler discussion and can stretch the limits of even our most intimate relationships.


Who is willing to dive in when the need arises?


I offer perspective and counsel in these moments. I draw from a broad range of life experience and over twenty-five years guiding men and women as they reveal their authentic voices and develop effective strategies for life.


The road to self-mastery and emotional agility is paved with what lies concealed within each of us. Few of us see ourselves clearly.  I use discretion and encouragement to help my clients discover “hidden assets” in their character such as clarity, purpose and decisiveness. Their answers are often hidden in what lies unconscious or unspoken.


An authentic, rewarding life rests on a foundation of integrity, accountability and stewardship. We build authentic lives as we reach for personal understanding, purpose and significance.


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