My interest and study of how people mature was first inspired by my own questions.  Unfortunately, most of us are largely left alone to figure life out and we end up none the wiser as a result.  Despite doing what I thought I was supposed to do (family/career/home), I was unsatisfied.  I couldn’t shake the feeling that something important had been neglected in my education. So I went searching for a blueprint detailing how to build a meaningful life.


I have been a leader, leader trainer and I am currently leader emeritus of an international men’s educational organization.  In my work designing development programs for both corporate and non-profit organizations, I’ve led well over 150 various workshops and worked in a wide range of cultures across the world. I’ve found myself in uniquely challenging environments:  I worked in South Africa shortly after the end of the apartheid era and have had the great privilege to facilitate many times in a maximum-security prison in the US. My examples are dramatic, but what I discovered is remarkably similar, regardless of the culture we inhabit: sincere desire for love, respect, and the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution unites us as humans across the globe.


My experience is broad and includes a close brush with death.  At one point diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma, I now understand serious illness first-hand. I never anticipated having to endure the challenge of serious illness in my fifties and have learned surprising lessons from a place of extreme vulnerability. Now, thanks to a complete recovery, I have a deeper understanding of and passion for life. I experienced that the pressures a serious illness can exert on a family or an individual  often are remarkable, and am grateful that this side of life is no longer a mystery.


I never did discover a blueprint.  However, I have identified critical tools that can be used to build a rewarding and significant life.  Through my own experience, and the lessons taught by countless great teachers, I have become an expert on the life changing events we navigate, how these events can shape our lives, and a method of mastery that can be used by men and women to distill life experience into wisdom.


Those close to me say I have an unusual sense of humor. I figure a man named “Snake” doing this type of work in a large mid-western city had better have a sense of humor.  I am in my sixties and living in Minneapolis.  In addition to coaching, I am a husband, father, author, and working artist.


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